Welcome to ISA Toronto!

We are the local chapter of the International Society of Automation.  If you would like more information about us, please contact one of our executive members.  You can find their details in the Contact Us section.


Paper Mill Tour supported with "Making paper . . . .  Thinking beyond the box" presentation by Nick Stabler's from Pneu-Logic Co.
Location: GTA (TBA)
Time: Saturday, September 24th or Oct. 1st, 2016 (TBC).

Our Congratulations, Applause, and Appreciation to our ISA District 13 colleagues recognized by ISA as recipients of ISA’s Celebrating Excellence Awards:

ISA Toronto Section:

Hank Rasanen honored for Excellence in Society Service
Leo Salemi honored for Excellence in Enduring Service

ISA Sarnia Section:
Mike Murray honored for Excellence in Enduring Service

ISA Toronto Expo 2016 on Nov. 24th

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